Monday, July 25, 2005

Visiting DC

So I'm off on Wednesday to visit Washington, DC. I'm actually going to be in Fredericksburg, VA to see family till Monday. I'm there for a conference for work and took a few days off to see some of my favorite family members.

Cari and Vance and the kids live there right now so I love to go and spoil the kids and spend time with them. It's so much fun. I was there over Thanksgiving last year and it was cold and rainy. I hope I can survive the humidity this time.

Dana is also going to be in DC at the same time for her orientation to Fullbright along with Lorriane the teacher she is exchanging with for the year. So Dana will leave from there and go to England for the year and Lorriane will leave and come back to Phoenix and room with Ang and I. It will be fun and interesting. We will miss Dana though.

Monday, July 11, 2005

He Finally Did It!!!!!

So he finally did it.... he won a race this year! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, well, Jr won his first race of the season. I'm so excited and happy for him. He is such a great driver and has had such a hard year. His crew and car really came through for him yesterday.

I missed seeing his race because I had went to dinner with some friends and when I came back they were showing the highlights and I saw his car up against the wall and smoke billowing and I initally thought he had wrecked and I was bummed then I looked closer and realized that he won and was burning his tires! I ended up interrupting a friend's conversation... sorry about that Tiffany... to shout for joy!!

Way to go Jr. I knew you could do it and that you can make the chase!!!