Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Helpful Driving Tips

I spend a lot of time on the road... A LOT OF TIME. I figured it out one day and covering three-fourths of the state on a monthly basis takes about 40 hours not counting the actual meeting or event time. So I think I have a few experienced to lend to giving tips for better driving.

This really pertains to those lovely visitors who drive in from the many northern states during those colder months and also our friends to the west (CA).

I am totally not judging you, your friends, or you/their driving habits. I usually have someplace I really need to get to and people waiting for me and my opinions.

So here's some tips or hints for traveling our roadways in Arizona.

1. If you are in the fast lane and a car comes up from behind, move over to the other lane. If that lane is full, speed up and get over.

2. If you are talking on the phone and it causes you to drive slower, get over.

3. If you have an out-of-state plate on your car and are over 70, get over.

4. If you are applying make up, doing your hair, or searching for something either pull over, get out of bed earlier or wear a hat.

5. If you can't go at least 5 over the posted speed limit you should stay in the far right lane.

6. Also, in addition to #5, if you can't go the speed limit and you can use surface streets- please do. You jam up the roadway and can cause accidents. This also goes for those who are driving with their flashers.

7. If you are moving, don't pile everything you own up in a box trailer and attach it to a VW Bug. You won't go very far and you may get a few laughs.

8. If you are being passed in the right lane because you refuse to follow suggestion #1, don't freak out if I pass you. There will be a truck with crops coming up along side you. If you freak out and jerk the wheel you will need to over correct which intern will cause me to speed up or slam on my breaks so you don't side swipe me when you come back over.

9. The lines on the roadway are for you to pick which part of the road you are going to be driving on, don't use both lanes. We all pay our taxes for the roads but you need to share.

10. If you must drive a semi truck (Pappa John's on the way to Yuma), RV pulling a car and boat, or pretty much anything, make sure you actually see me in my truck coming up along side you and try not to get distracted reaching for something or talking to someone because I really don't want to have to hear you try and explain to the police officer why you didn't see me because you may be then asked to take the field sobriety test.

I give you all of these helpful suggestions because it's a fast and crazy world out there and we all have places we want to be. By the way, if you haven't ever seen a picture of the truck I drive here are a few pictures.