Saturday, June 09, 2012

Gym Thoughts

I was going to title this "Fat Girl at the Gym" but a friend said it wasn't good to be degrading myself so I came up with fluffy and then moved on to calling myself a non gym rat but any which way you label it, I have opinions about gyms and I am going to share them.

I love gyms that have an area that a non athletic or non-gym rats (NGR) can work out without feeling like everyone is watching. This week while working out with a friend I realized that there should be some rules or at least manners fellow gym goers should observe when interacting with NGRs.

1. There are usually about 20 treadmills (give or take a few) in a gym. I like the gyms that have the treadmills that are in the back or separate from other cardio equipment. I do not feel comfortable when the treadmills are in front or at least behind the bikes  but in front of the ellipticals. But really here is the manner rule that I have decided should be used. Treadmills are like urinals (guys will get this). If there is a bunch of treadmills open don't pick the one right next to me. Give me space and leave at least one between you and me. Treadmills should only be used next to each other if there are not other open areas or you are working out with your buddy, or a tv is broken and you are catching up on your favorite show.

2. I took a class... actually two. For class manners as it relates to NGRs, people should leave the back row of the class to first timers or those of us that are less graceful. We don't need others to see our inadequacies. We wanted to try yoga but got our times mixed up and showed up early so we  also took the weight class. During the yoga class I had a revelation. Yes I need to be more flexible and I know that will come with more practice but I almost burst out laughing when the instructor told us to draw our leg up between our arms from Downward Dog to go Warrior. What that involves if you are not familiar with yoga is you are going from a position where both your hands and feet are on the floor and your butt is in the air to a pose where one leg is back and one is forward like a lunge and your arms are out. So back to the revelation... the instructor tells us to move our leg forward and I realize I don't have any room for my leg because my stomach and my boobs have already occupied the space and there is no vacancy for my leg. 

Downward Dog

Warrior Pose
There were several other moves that I also couldn't master because either my body doesn't  bend that way or there wasn't space for my arm or  by the time I figured out the pose they were on to the next one. 

3. I think some gym equipment could be used as torture machines. I mean have you ever actually used the stairclimbing machine? I am talking about the one with actual stairs that go around. I have only been able to go 3 minutes and 30 seconds on it and that is working up to that time. I don't know the actual term for the equipment, I just refer to it as the stair climber machine from hell.

The gym is good because I can sweat but I decided that I am a gym snob and there are just some gyms that are nicer out there and make it much more comfortable for those who are not graceful or athletic.  But as long as it is hot outside I will be in the gym and I will keep trying to run on the treadmills (not a graceful action) and I will try and increase my time on the stair climber from hell.

So in next time you are at the gym and you see the non-gym rat on the furthest treadmill give her space. You don't need to pick the one next to her when there are 23 other treadmills available.