Wednesday, December 28, 2005

How I spent my Christmas Holiday....

So I headed to the ranch on the 21st so I could spend Christmas with my Dad. It had been really cold there- near zero leading up to the time I was to go but when I got there they had had warm weather- in the 40's so it was mud everywhere! I got into San Fran and had to wait for 3 hours to catch my plane to Redmond. But I got there and Dad and I stopped by a friend of his and then we were off to see grandma and then to church. I was cold in the church but I had a cute scarf to wear so it wasn't too bad. I did have a hard time trying to stay awake. Nothing against Jack's preaching but I had only gotten about 2 hours of sleep the night before and Oregon is an hour behind AZ so it was late for me.

Thursday we started off the day by going to the Post Store and visiting with Zeb and anyone else who came in. The Gillens are logging up past our house so they stopped in and Ron and Zeb had quite a time telling stories and trying to come up with people's names. That we stayed for almost three hours, then we headed home and had breakfast/lunch and then proceeded to head up the hill to pick up some pine that the Gillens had chopped up for us to get. So we loaded that (my exercise for the day) and headed back to the house. After a while we went back down to the store and had a soda then home. I had made chicken and dumplings in the crock pot that turned out well.

Friday we got up early to go to the store and then on to Bend where we saw my dad's cousin Linda and his uncle Charlie. Linda's brother was in the hospital with an open heart surgery so we didn't go see him since he was still in ICU. We then went to Costco and I think everyone was in there. The people were wearing on my patience and it was a good thing we got out of there when we did! We headed to Redmond and I stopped at my favorite store that I always go to when I'm home- Big R. I love it!!! I picked up a few Christmas presents then it was off to grandma's house and church again. They had the Christmas service on Friday night. It was nice. Before we went to church, we stopped and had a bite to eat. This couple walked in and said hello to my dad. I thought I recognized the woman but didn't have a clue as to who the guy was. Come to find out, it was a classmate of mine, Wade Page and his wife. After dinner, I stopped over to say hi and it was funny because he didn't recognize me either! I didn't think I had changed that much since high school but in 13 years, I guess you can. It was nice to see them.

Saturday we hung around the house and then went over to my favorite people's house- the Wolverton's. Tom and Beverly are like second parents. We had a great visit and I had hot chocolate with some Bailey's butterscotch- it was yummy. We exchanged gifts and the best part was that Dusty- their oldest son- was coming home. I hadn't seen him since I was a sophomore or junior in college. So it was a great treat. We didn't visit with him and his wife very long because I knew they weren't able to stay long so I wanted them to have a lot of time with just Tom and Bev. Dusty's wife is really neat. She suits him well.

Sunday was Christmas and we went to church and then over to grandma's for dinner. Dinner was good and we watched a movie before heading home. When it's wintertime, you can't stay away from home long or the house will get cold and the pipes will freeze (we have only wood heat at home).

Monday we headed back to town because my favorite blood aunt was coming to visit. Aunt Elaine lives in Camby and came over for the day. We thought she was going to be over to grandma's sooner so we made it to her house by noon only to find out that they weren't going to be there till around six. But we spent time with grandma and then Aunt Elaine. Aunt Elaine and I were thinking along the same lines for grandma so we decided to go to Bend the next day to get grandma's new glasses and get her a stove for her birthday. It just happened that the Sears in Prineville had a stove so Uncle Nolan and Dad picked it up and installed it while we were coming back from Bend.

Tuesday, after the trip to Bend, we all had lunch and then I headed off to the airport. My flight was at 3:30 pm and flying into Redmond you really only need about 45 minutes before your flight leaves to be there but I always go an hour early. My flight was delayed out of Redmond because of fog in SF, so I missed my connecting flight and ended up sleeping at the airport because the United customer service has a lot to be desired. They basically suck at their job and it's no wonder they filed for bankruptcy! Anyway... I caught a flight at 6:30 this morning, landed at 9:30, got my luggage at 10:15 and made it to work by 12.

I'm glad I went home but I am never flying united again.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

NASCAR in November

So this weekend was NASCAR out at PIR. Lindsey went with me on Saturday to the Busch race and Tracy went on Sunday to the Nextel race. We had a lot of fun both days. I picked Lindsey up at 10:30 and we headed over to Avondale to the race. We arrived about 11:30 and parked way out and headed to the track. Usually every year it rains so I took my jacket but it was a warm day so I wore my sleeveless Cat Racing shirt (Wimmer #22). As we were walking in I commented that I was really warm and Lindsey suggested stopping to take my jacket off. I said no, I'd wait till we got up to the merchandise trailers because I would have to pull off the bag I was wearing across my body. I'd just do it when we stopped at the first trailer. I had no more said that then, a couple of guys were merging onto the pavement next to us and one commented that I must really be hot in my jacket. I said yes, and being "Rose" (from golden girls) relayed that I was waiting till we reached the trailers. By this time he, his friend and the two of us were all walking together. I looked over (he was next to me), and noticed he was wearing a Tony Stewart lanyard. I commented that I liked Stewart. The guy said that most women thought he was cute- meaning Stewart (or something to that affect). I stated that I could just squeeze him (meaning Stewart). The guy said "well you can squeeze me." So.... I did!!! Then we exchanged names- his was Tony. He said I could tell everyone that I squeezed Tony. He and his friend were here from San Dieago. They ended up walking ahead of us but kept looking back a few times and then we bumped into them again at all the trailers and he asked if we were stalking him. We informed him that we were ahead of them so that meant they were stalking us! We all got a good laugh out of that. Lindsey was proud because I flirted with a cute boy!

We shopped a little and got a great deal on a couple of shirts and a ball cap that the Cat Racing team was selling since Wimmer isn't their driver next year. I also bought a Dale Jr. shirt (of course). We walked around a bit and then headed inside to walk around. We were passing by the Petty Driving school booth and Victory Junction Gang (great charity) area and I noticed there were a couple race cars sitting there. I didn't really pay that much attention till I noticed out of the corner of my eye that there was a red care with white writing on it. It was Jr.'s car! Then I was really excited. I was going to be able to really see one of his cars up close. This was going to be so cool! Being the observant one, I noticed that some people were climbing in the car, I found out that for a$5 donation to the Victory Junction Gang you could sit in the car and get your picture taken and for another $5 you could start the car. Well I paid $10 (would have paid even more). There was a mom and her little girl in front of me in line (a very short line surprisingly). I offered to take a picture of the both of them nex to the car. The little girl got in the car and mome stood next to it. The guy offered to start the car for the little girl but she couldn't reach the peddle so it flooded and then ran out of gas so even though I didn't get to start it I did get to sit in it. It's complicated getting in the car- you would think it was easier. It made my day. I was so excited to sit there that I was quivering and shaking (I know those two words mean the same). I had a permenent grin the entire day and even woke up with one the next morning. It was just the best day ever!

Carl Edwards won the race on Saturday. I was a little disappointed because there wasn't a lot of radio conversations but I did see Martin Truex because his car was the fourth one in line so he was right in front of us and his pit box was the second one so it was cool to see them up close in the pits. We even made it back to the East side in time for church. That is because we passed up some hotdogs from some really drunk guys sitting in the parking lot who wanted us to stay and hang out with them. We told them we had someplace we had to be.

Sunday, I picked up Tracy at 10 and we stopped for breakfast near PIR but the traffic was so bad that we parked even further out in the first spot we could find and walked over a mile to the track. We did get a great laugh out of one of the guys directing traffic because he was standing in the middle of the road with no shirt on, on the phone with his orange flag and drinking a beer. We got there with about an hour to spare. Thankfully I did all my shopping the day before because there was so many people at the trailers. We got inside in time to see the driver introductions and I got to see Dale Jr, Tony and Kasey Kahne drive by. I also saw Gordon and Johnson but I don't really like them. (Lindsey likes Johnson so I took a few photos of him for her). Once the race began and they were still clumped together, we called John and had him listen to them scream by as they passed. It was just so cool. I love the sound of the motors on the racecars. There is just something about them that does something for me.

We dialed into Dale Jr.'s radio frequency and we listened to him- he is definelty my favorite driver ever! (just a hint if you don't really know me) He did really good working his way up through the field and then he blew out a right front tire and wrecked. I was bummed but we then tunned into Jeremy Mayfield because Tracy decided she liked him. So we would jump around to whom ever was having radio conversations. Stewart and Kahne didn't really talk that much so we listened to Biffle and Gordon too (not my favorite). We also caught a little of Ryan Newman. The best conversation we listened to was with Brian Vickers when he got into it with someone because he called the other driver a dumb*ss. We laughed about that.

Kyle Busch ended up winning the race and we headed back out to the truck and quickly pulled into line (on the pavement) to leave where we stopped for an hour and 45 minutes before traffic moved again. We got home around 8. It was such a great day and I had so much fun that I can't wait for them to come back in April.

It's my birthday...and I'll nap if I want to!

Last friday was my birthday and it was also the second day of our annual convention. I had gotten very little sleep the previous two nights so as soon as I got home Friday afternoon, I took a nap. It was the only way that I would ever be able to make it through dinner that night. The day started off with me oversleeping. I had gotten to bed around 11 the night before and I set my alarm for 4:30 am to meet Peggy Jo to carpool for our meeting at 6. Well I woke up at 5:30 (the time I should be leaving to meet PJ. So I didn't have time to do my make up till I reached the hotel. While everyone sat down for breakfast I quickly ran to the bathroom to do my makeup. The rest of the morning went fine.

The best part about the morning was that, although I didn't hear my phone ringing, Dana called from England and her class sang Happy Birthday to me. It was so cute with all of their little english accents and they called me lizard. How sweet!!!

That evening some of us went to a new resturant near Tatum and 101 for dinner. It was called the Yardhouse. It was cool. But they forgot my food so I finally got it when everyone else had almost finished their dinner. The waitress felt so bad that she comped my meal. It was an early night because I was going to NASCAR the next day.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Young's Farm

So Lorraine, my friend Sandi and I went to Young's Farm in Dewey on Sunday. We had a great time. We "laid in" as Lorraine calls it (which really means sleeping in) until around 8 then we left the house by 9 to stop and pick up Sandi to head up the mountain to the Farm.

When I first offered the experience to them I am not sure what they thought because when we got there both of them exclaimed as the the number of people there and we were kind of early because the parking lot wasn't that full. But we parked and headed to the tractor and trailer that took us to the front gate were we paid our $4.00 admittance fee. Then we stepped through the tented area and walked on to the various booths and trailers of the people selling food and crafts. We milled around them and surveyed the food options. We all agreed that the turkey brawts were probably the best and so we headed back to the gate and bought our lunch. So after we all had a dog we headed back towards the other part of the farm (where I knew we would have more interesting things to see).

Along the way, Sandi stopped to use the bathroom and Lorraine and I waited next to a cheesecake dipping cart. When the man mentioned the cheesecake was from the Cheesecake Factory- Lorraine was sold and she promtly purchased a chocolate covered cheesecake. I stopped and bought some homemade pumkin ice cream that was hand cranked by a John Deere engine. Quite fun!!!

We passed by the rip lines and bouncy things kids like to play in and walked back by the haunted house and corn maze to cross the creek to actually get to the original and permanent part of the farm. We noticed the wine tasting tent out in front of the store so we all tasted some wine and then promptly went inside to see what goodies they had. I purchased my yearly jar of Apple Butter and a bottle of wine. Sandi bought some spices for cider and I'm not sure if Lorraine purchased anything. We then milled around outside and walked through the gift store which was sparse this year. It was mostly towels and potholders and crafty things rather than the usual Christmas ornaments and knick-knacks that I like to peruse. So we headed out to the tent right out the door to sit among the pumkins.

Lorraine wanted her picture taken so I assumed that she would sit on a bale and place a pemmican in her lap and have the rest of the pumkins in the background (like everyone else does their picture). But I was mistaken... She proceeded to crawl to the middle of the pile and lay across them and have her picture taken and then instructed both Sandi and I to follow suit and have our pictures taken that way individually and then as a group. Let me tell you... It was a lot of fun crawling across them and having my picture taken. The people around us were just watching and laughing.

Before we headed out to pick our pumkin (although Lorraine decided picking a real pumpkin and carving it would be a lot of work so she bought a ceramic pemmican to take back to England with her) Lorraine decided to go through the petting zoo area and saw some pigs, chickens and sheep. They also had a long-haired mountain goat with big horns and some deer and elk. So she paid the 75 cents to have us each feed the animals and I tried with the deer and even helped a little girl (probably 2 or 3) feed and pet the deer... Or Bambi as I referred to them. She was so excited to touch them and feed them that I think it made her parents day. Don't let it get out but I do have a soft place for little kids... I think it was spending all that time with Cari's kids over the years.

Lorraine happened to have a little of the feed left so she headed over to the goat's pen to feed him and he was so excited that he jumped up on the top of the pen with his two front legs and really ate out of her hand. They were a hit with the rest of the crowd and Lorraine loved it until the goat sneezed all over her! Then feeding the animals was over.

We headed out to the pumkin area to find some pumkins- mainly for a photo shoot and even if we staged it. We also used the corn stalks for pictures. It was a lot of fun. We headed back to the gate entrance and I grabbed a pumkin to bring back for Tracy since she couldn't join us. We checked out just as it started to rain and then we headed back to the tractor and wagon which took our tired souls to the car... Kind of. We hoped off where we climbed aboard and headed to the car only to realize we couldn't find it... We were off by about five rows of cars and my arms were starting to ache because I was carrying the pumkin. But we found it and loaded our goodies and headed out and back down the hill. When we were leaving there was still a steady stream of people coming into the farm.

We had so much fun just chatting away and catching up on our lives.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Project CENTRL

So today I'm starting Project CENTRL. It is a two year leadership program that I refer to as being similar to the national guard because it's one weekend a month... Although we don't get to drive around in humvees and shoot guns. Project CENTRL goes from October to May each year and we travel around the state to learn about rural Arizona issues and learn new leadership skills (or at least fine tune the ones we have). I'm looking forward to it but I'm a little nervous because of the other 29 people in the class... They are so smart and really know their stuff. It intimidates me a little!! So today at four I am heading to the hotel to start the program. I'm curious about all the stuff I will be learning over the next two years and all the people I will meet. I'm not sure where this will lead for me but I know that is will be really good for me in the long run.

So I'll keep you posted on the program. I am looking forward to the two trips the group takes. They take one each year during the May month (the last month) and it's for a week. Normally they visit another state for a week the first year and then DC for the second year. This year, however, they are going to Ciudad Obregon, Mexico for the first year and then to DC the second. It will be great fun!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Safford, Arizona

So I spent last Thursday and Friday in Safford, Arizona for a board meeting with work. Now you are all wondering what is so special about Safford. Well I will tell you. They have this really cool telescope that is 17 stories high (the building that houses it). And it is used by the government scientist for something... I wasn't really paying attention. Oops!

We also toured Eurofresh greenhouses. They have something like 262 acres of greenhouses that they grow 4 million tomato plants in. They supply costco with tomatoes and they are really good ones too! They let us sample some. So if you are in Costco and you are buying tomatoes they came from Graham County in Arizona!! We walked through the greenhouses and the packing area. It was cool.

On Friday we headed home and then Lorraine and I went by the scrapbook store and then over to my aunt's house to pick up my scrapbook stuff and then we had dinner and home. Saturday I had breakfast with Tracy and then did some stuff and went to church. Sunday Lorraine and I scrapbooked and I left for two hours to meet up with Tom and Beverly Wolverton who were passing through on their way home to Oregon. We had lunch and it was so great to see them. They are such dear friends and I think of them as second parents. They are at the very top of my list for favorite people.

So Monday came around and I'm back at work. I saw a movie last night that I will write about later. It was too important not to share.

take care.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Fall may be upon us

Even though it is past Labor Day and it is suppose to be fall. It is still over 100 degrees here. All I can say is where is the a/c button for Earth? I spent the most of the holiday weekend sitting by the pool. It was nice to sleep in and catch up with family and friends.

I went to house sit this week for some people and their horses are going to cause me some great stress. I went to turn them out last night and one of them jerked the rope out of my hands causing me to have rope burns and a couple blisters, then this morning I couldn't get them to go in their stalls and the same one that tore up my hand tried to bite me. I just have to make it to Sunday...

I'm headed to Yuma tomorrow for a meeting in the evening with my members. I love to hang out with them. Even though it's work I enjoy spending time with them. Too bad I couldn't do it all the time. I am however, starting a new adventure starting next month. I was excepted to Project CENTRL- a two year leadership program that my work sponsors with other organizations. I'm looking forward to learning all that I can about rural Arizona and the people and issues that are there.

I saw a funny quote to day that I will leave everyone with..." Expecting life to treat you well because you are a good person is like expecting an angry bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian." Shari R. Barr.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Going home

I'm heading home tomorrow for the weekend. My grandfather turns 90!! So the whole family is getting together to celebrate. It will be nice to see everyone. I'm a little nervous to see some cousins (I always am). It's suppose to be in the high 80's low 90's so I think I'm going to freeze! It will be nice to be home and see Dad and Tom and Beverly. I can't wait to catch up with them and Zeb at the store!

Last weekend I took my new roommate to a roping. The Coconino Farm Bureau was having their annual meeting which includes a roping and I invited her. I think she had fun. She kept talking about the cowboys and how great it was to meet real ones. They really were nice to her (not like they wouldn't be). On the way home we stopped in Anthem to shop at the outlet mall and I think that may have been the highlight of the day.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

A Weekend In California

So I spent last weekend in California with a couple of friends and I had such a great time. They were there for a wedding and I just tagged along for the fun of it. We left Phoenix on Friday afternoon and got into Simi Valley late Friday night. Saturday morning I went with Lindsey to pick up her dress. Then we all had lunch and off to the hotel where the wedding was being held. I spent the afternoon reading and napping. It was fun just to relax and not worry about anything. After the wedding we headed up to Magic Mountain to ride the roller coasters for a couple of hours only to get there and realize we didn't have discount tickets and at 10 o'clock at night, I wasn't going to pay full entrance price for only a couple of hours. Thankfully Andy and Lindsey thought the same thing.

Sunday we woke up and went to the is amazing church called Mosaic. It was so different but very cool. Afterwards we went to lunch and then decided to go to the Santa Monica Pier to just hang out and maybe shop a little. We found the beach but didn't find the pier so we drove north thinking we would find a pier or some little shops to browse. After driving through Malibu and a couple of other towns (and a few hours later) we ended up at a beach in Ventura and had an ice cream cone and stood out on the beach. Then we got in the car and headed for Phoenix. It was 7ish when we left the beach and 3:00 when we finally drove up to Andy's. I got home at 3:30 and fell into bed.

It was a great weekend and I so enjoyed just hanging out with Lindsey and Andy.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Trading for an English Roommate

Well I spent a week and a half in the Washington DC/Virginia area last week. It was so great to see family in Fredericksburg and the kids have grown so much. The new baby is so cute and so laid back. It was nice just to visit with Cari and Vance and get to know him a little better. We toured around the area while I was there and I met some of Cari's friends. They are so nice. I even went to their Catholic mass. It was interesting and I had a lot of questions for Cari. She was so sweet to answer them. I wondered about the process of their mass. It was a great experience. We sat on the front row so I was able to observe so much more from the front rather than the back.

My week in DC was great. It began with a trip with Cari and the kids to the zoo. That was fun, even though we didn't get to see everything. It was so nice to catch up with old friends from other states. I never really thought about how many people I know from around the country. Some of my people I haven't seen in a few years so it was great just to see how they are doing. Some of them I see every year but it is always nice to see them again.

The first night in DC I took the metro down to almost the last stop in Old Alexandria and then caught a cab over to see Dana and to meet Lorraine, our new roommate from England. It was a nice dinner and a great chance to meet her and catch up with Dana. Then on Friday Dana and I caught up again at the airport and we had lunch then since my flight was delayed she ended up leaving before me. I cried when she left but I will see her again. I just miss seeing one of my best friends but I know that it will be like talking to Cari since I don't see her everyday but we do email and talk and I will visit them about once a year. Dana will have a great time in England teaching and experiencing the life. We are so excited for her!!!

I met up with Ang and Lorraine at BJ's for dinner. It was so late when I got in because of my flight that I met them there and had drinks. We took her driving on Sunday morning and then to her first American baseball game that afternoon. I think she will enjoy her time here.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Visiting DC

So I'm off on Wednesday to visit Washington, DC. I'm actually going to be in Fredericksburg, VA to see family till Monday. I'm there for a conference for work and took a few days off to see some of my favorite family members.

Cari and Vance and the kids live there right now so I love to go and spoil the kids and spend time with them. It's so much fun. I was there over Thanksgiving last year and it was cold and rainy. I hope I can survive the humidity this time.

Dana is also going to be in DC at the same time for her orientation to Fullbright along with Lorriane the teacher she is exchanging with for the year. So Dana will leave from there and go to England for the year and Lorriane will leave and come back to Phoenix and room with Ang and I. It will be fun and interesting. We will miss Dana though.

Monday, July 11, 2005

He Finally Did It!!!!!

So he finally did it.... he won a race this year! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, well, Jr won his first race of the season. I'm so excited and happy for him. He is such a great driver and has had such a hard year. His crew and car really came through for him yesterday.

I missed seeing his race because I had went to dinner with some friends and when I came back they were showing the highlights and I saw his car up against the wall and smoke billowing and I initally thought he had wrecked and I was bummed then I looked closer and realized that he won and was burning his tires! I ended up interrupting a friend's conversation... sorry about that Tiffany... to shout for joy!!

Way to go Jr. I knew you could do it and that you can make the chase!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

4th of July

I think 4th of July is my favorite holiday. I love fireworks!!! I remember as a kid, Dad and I would go down town and park on the street to watch the fireworks. We could have stayed at grandma's house but she didn't have a great view of where the fireworks were shot off at. Mom never like fireworks so she would always stay inside. We would hurry back from church camp just to try and see the fireworks. We would tune the radio to the local station to listen to all the patriotic songs being played. I loved it!!!

Now that I live in AZ, our church does a huge concert in the park and then shoots off about 30-45 minutes of fireworks. It's soo much fun. I look forward to it all year long. At home we would have home made ice cream and hotdogs or hamburgers. Here it's so hot that we just have a hotdogs or hamburger and sit in the pool.

I always think of the veterans and those who have died for us on this holiday. We are so blessed that people have died for our freedoms that we take for granted. I just want to say thank you to all who have served to guarantee that we still have the freedoms that we wanted when we became a country.

That being said... Have a great 4th and God Bless America!!!


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

New roomie

So I got a new roommate last night- offically. Ang moved in to the house. So now I have two roommates- for a month. In August, Ang and I are exchanging Dana for Lorraine- but only for a year. Dana and Lorriane are doing a teacher exchange so Dana is going to live in England in Lorraine's house and she is coming here to live in Dana's house.

I'm actually looking forward to meeting her and getting to know another British person. We loved Kate- she's originally from England but lives and works in Scottland.

So we will see how well she likes us after she gets here in August.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Toads in disguise

So I spent the last week in Cincinnati, OH for a conference for work and I did not realize how much fun you could have in Ohio. Myself and several other people from other states (mainly TX, IL, NC and IN) would spend the evenings hanging out at a local pub or bar and just talking about events and things going on in the world. We did catch a great game between the Reds and the Devil Rays on Wednesday night. It was bobble-head night for Wily Mo Pena and he ended up winning the game for the reds.

On the way back to phoenix I had to fly through North Carolina. I'm not sure why I had to fly to the east coast from the center of the country to get to Phoenix in the west but I'm not in charge of flying airplanes. So I ended up trading my seat so a lady (total toad) could sit with her kid. I didn't want to have to share my space. (Toad definition is one who takes up their space and yours). So I moved from the front of the plane to the rear where upon my arrival I realized I gave up my aisle seat for a center seat. Not a happy person. But the bright side was that the two people on either side of me were extremely small so I knew I would not have any toad problems.

Just a hint for you all.... just because they need to eat a burger or two (too small) does not exempt them from toad status. The dude next to the window took his space and most of mine on the 4.5 hour flight back. The girl next to me took her space and mine as well. Lesson learned- Do not assume that since they don't take up much space that they won't take up yours!!!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Hot Hot Hot

So I spent the first five years I lived here in AZ without air conditioning and I just don't know how I did it. I've only had AC in my new truck for a month and I can't live without it. I even find sometimes now that it isn't cool enough... I want more... more cold air!!!!

Even after sitting by the pool all weekend and swimming and bbq-ing and watching NASCAR I was still not cool enough on the drive home!!

Speaking of NASCAR... I watched the beginning of the race at my aunt's house and then hurried home (12 miles of traffic) to catch the rest and I missed it!!!! I'm so mad!!! I missed seeing my favorite driver crash and take out three other cars. I was so bummed!! I had hoped he would have won but he crashed and didn't win. If you haven't figured out who my favorite driver is- it's Jr. and Waltrip just didn't drive fast enough to get out of the way!! :)

Speaking of my favorite driver... I received in the mail yesterday the new sticker I purchased on eBay. It's funny and makes me laugh. It says "Dale Earnhardt Jr is obsessed with me... he just doesn't know it yet!! If you know me you will know why that is so funny. :) I went to Walmart with Dana last night after catching a movie and I found (and bought) action figures of Jr. and my other favorite driver- Tony Stewart. I also found a bobblehead of Tony but not one of Jr.

Anyhooo. I'm getting ready to head to Ohio for a conference and I can't wait for my new roommate to move in. I have no idea why she hasn't moved over sooner. So in two weeks I'll have two roommates. It will be fun.

Catch you later...

Thursday, May 26, 2005


So with Memorial Day upon us, I always think of my mom. If I was in Oregon, I would be going to the cemetery to put flowers on her grave. I know she's not there but it's more for me than for her. I do miss her but I know she would be proud of me and what I've done and how far I've come in life. I hope to one day have a family to be able to tell my kids about her and the things that she taught me. Both her and Dad always let me dream and go for my dreams. I'm thankful for that support.

I would love for Dad to come and experience some of the things I have done in my life. I would love it if he could travel with me to Europe and I would love to take him to a NASCAR race but I don't know if he would love it as much as I do. My number one thing I want to do before I die (on my top ten list of things I want to do before I die) is to drive a NASCAR just once around the track. My favorite driver is Dale Earnhardt, Jr. I also like Casey Mears and Tony Stewart and possibly Kasey Kahne. For Bucsh series, I like Truex and Lewis (both jrs).

Anyway- I digress.... (being Rose). I'll explain later about being a Rose in life.

Have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Working out the kinks

So I've never done a blog before and I couldn't remember my login or password for the life of me!! I finally figured it out was able to figure out how to post again. I'm looking forward to the Memorial weekend coming up. I am going to sit by the pool and spend time with family. Memorial weekend always makes me think summer is here- although with the heat here in Arizona, I think it's been summer for a couple of weeks now. I travel a lot around the state during the summer and am looking forward to that. I'm also heading out to Ohio and Washington DC for work. DC lets me also spend time with some of my favorite family. So I'll be able to see them for a few days.

Summer also lets me go to more baseball games. I've never been a baseball fan until I moved to Arizona and attended a Dbacks game. I love the social nature of the game. I couldn't watch it on TV because you miss the interaction of the audience around you. I love attending the games.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Life and Times of Lizard

I am just starting a blog after I visited my friend Ang's blog. I hope to keep my friends and family updated on my life- no matter where I am.

Right now I'm still living in Arizona. I still work for the same company and I finally purchased a new vehicle that actually has A/C!

Not much is going on in my life right now. I'm getting ready to go to Ohio for a conference with work in two weeks. I finished my scrapbook up to Jan. of this year and I'm hanging out with family over memorial weekend.