Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Breakfasts on the Farm

With my new gig, I help coordinate the annual Farm City Breakfasts that my county Farm Bureau hosts. It's the opportunity for both farmers and ranchers to join with their city neighbors to have a breakfast on a farm, nursery or dairy and talk about things important to them.

We partner with each of the county Board of Supervisors and have a breakfast in their district with them and their staff and constituents. It's rather fun for some to get out on a farm or dairy and learn something or see something new. As many years as I've been in ag and working in Arizona, I'm pretty used to how our farms and ranches work- even our dairies.

But I've seen a few things that are unique- such as bison. One of our dairymen have bison and Watusi bulls along with the normal dairy cattle. They gave a show of turning them into another pasture which meant that they ran to the new pasture so we dubbed it "Running with the Bison."

I've also met some really cool people at each of these events. I've gotten to know some of our members really well and see a different side of them from the meeting personality I normally see.