Wednesday, June 29, 2005

4th of July

I think 4th of July is my favorite holiday. I love fireworks!!! I remember as a kid, Dad and I would go down town and park on the street to watch the fireworks. We could have stayed at grandma's house but she didn't have a great view of where the fireworks were shot off at. Mom never like fireworks so she would always stay inside. We would hurry back from church camp just to try and see the fireworks. We would tune the radio to the local station to listen to all the patriotic songs being played. I loved it!!!

Now that I live in AZ, our church does a huge concert in the park and then shoots off about 30-45 minutes of fireworks. It's soo much fun. I look forward to it all year long. At home we would have home made ice cream and hotdogs or hamburgers. Here it's so hot that we just have a hotdogs or hamburger and sit in the pool.

I always think of the veterans and those who have died for us on this holiday. We are so blessed that people have died for our freedoms that we take for granted. I just want to say thank you to all who have served to guarantee that we still have the freedoms that we wanted when we became a country.

That being said... Have a great 4th and God Bless America!!!


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

New roomie

So I got a new roommate last night- offically. Ang moved in to the house. So now I have two roommates- for a month. In August, Ang and I are exchanging Dana for Lorraine- but only for a year. Dana and Lorriane are doing a teacher exchange so Dana is going to live in England in Lorraine's house and she is coming here to live in Dana's house.

I'm actually looking forward to meeting her and getting to know another British person. We loved Kate- she's originally from England but lives and works in Scottland.

So we will see how well she likes us after she gets here in August.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Toads in disguise

So I spent the last week in Cincinnati, OH for a conference for work and I did not realize how much fun you could have in Ohio. Myself and several other people from other states (mainly TX, IL, NC and IN) would spend the evenings hanging out at a local pub or bar and just talking about events and things going on in the world. We did catch a great game between the Reds and the Devil Rays on Wednesday night. It was bobble-head night for Wily Mo Pena and he ended up winning the game for the reds.

On the way back to phoenix I had to fly through North Carolina. I'm not sure why I had to fly to the east coast from the center of the country to get to Phoenix in the west but I'm not in charge of flying airplanes. So I ended up trading my seat so a lady (total toad) could sit with her kid. I didn't want to have to share my space. (Toad definition is one who takes up their space and yours). So I moved from the front of the plane to the rear where upon my arrival I realized I gave up my aisle seat for a center seat. Not a happy person. But the bright side was that the two people on either side of me were extremely small so I knew I would not have any toad problems.

Just a hint for you all.... just because they need to eat a burger or two (too small) does not exempt them from toad status. The dude next to the window took his space and most of mine on the 4.5 hour flight back. The girl next to me took her space and mine as well. Lesson learned- Do not assume that since they don't take up much space that they won't take up yours!!!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Hot Hot Hot

So I spent the first five years I lived here in AZ without air conditioning and I just don't know how I did it. I've only had AC in my new truck for a month and I can't live without it. I even find sometimes now that it isn't cool enough... I want more... more cold air!!!!

Even after sitting by the pool all weekend and swimming and bbq-ing and watching NASCAR I was still not cool enough on the drive home!!

Speaking of NASCAR... I watched the beginning of the race at my aunt's house and then hurried home (12 miles of traffic) to catch the rest and I missed it!!!! I'm so mad!!! I missed seeing my favorite driver crash and take out three other cars. I was so bummed!! I had hoped he would have won but he crashed and didn't win. If you haven't figured out who my favorite driver is- it's Jr. and Waltrip just didn't drive fast enough to get out of the way!! :)

Speaking of my favorite driver... I received in the mail yesterday the new sticker I purchased on eBay. It's funny and makes me laugh. It says "Dale Earnhardt Jr is obsessed with me... he just doesn't know it yet!! If you know me you will know why that is so funny. :) I went to Walmart with Dana last night after catching a movie and I found (and bought) action figures of Jr. and my other favorite driver- Tony Stewart. I also found a bobblehead of Tony but not one of Jr.

Anyhooo. I'm getting ready to head to Ohio for a conference and I can't wait for my new roommate to move in. I have no idea why she hasn't moved over sooner. So in two weeks I'll have two roommates. It will be fun.

Catch you later...